Multicolor Slate Floor Tiles
  • Ladrilho de ardósia ferrugem

Multicolor Slate Floor Tiles

Multicolor Slate Floor Tiles

Multicolor Slate is so named because of its characteristic coloration, which result from the impregnation of iron oxides and hydroxides.

ALTIVO PEDRAS’s Multicolor Slate Floor Tiles are available in standard sizes and thicknesses or according to client specification.


  • Flooring, for both internal and external areas
  • Wall revetment for both internal and external areas
  • Skirting boards, stairs, doorsills
  • Fireplace revetment


Standard Sizes (mm)Standard Thicknesses (mm)Standard finishes*
200 x 400
300 x 300
300 x 600
400 x 400
400 x 600
500 x 500
600 x 600
06 to 10
10 to 15
20 to 30
*can be calibrated or not


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