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Multicolor Slate Slabs
  • Lajões de ardósia ferrugem

Multicolor Slate Slabs

Multicolor Slate Slabs

The Multicolor Slate Slabs provide a beautiful result to your project due to its appearance; it can be used for several applications such as: countertops, partitions, stairs, tabletops, fireplaces, etc.

Produced in the average size of 2,20m x 1,20m, allowing for total utilization of the stone. The slabs are rigorously selected, thus maintaining the standard of Superior Quality.


  • Tabletops, washbasins, counters, countertops
  • Partitions for bathrooms, dressing rooms and other environments
  • Doorsills
  • Stairs
  • Fireplace revetment


Standard Sizes (cm)Standard Finishes *
180 - 220 X 100 - 130 cm
NOTE: It is possible to produce other sizes
according to customer's specifications.
* can be calibrated or not/td>

Due to its natural characteristics, each Multicolor Slate piece might present variations in appearance (color, pattern…).


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