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Slate Roof Tiles
  • Telhas de ardósia cinza e preta

Slate Roof Tiles


ALTIVO PEDRAS’ Slate roof tiles can be manufactured in the colors: black, gray, multicolor, green and Wales and are the best protection for your roof.

Besides the beauty, they are more durable, impermeable, require less maintenance and are less prone to the accumulation of fungus compared to other materials used for roofing.


Standard Sizes (mm)*Standard Thickness (mm)Standard Finishes**
200 x 300
200 x 400
250 x 400
250 x 500
300 x 400
300 x 600
375 x 500
450 x 600
Standard = 4 to 7 mm;
but we can produce it in other thicknesses
ex: 6 to 8 mm, 8 to 10 mm.
Guillotined edges with holes
Guillotined edges without holes
Sawn edges with holes
Sawn edges without holes

* The sizes 20x40cm, 25x50cm and 30x60cm follow European standards (in black and gray) and are the most marketed.
** The guillotined finishing can be done in roof tiles with up to 08mm in thickness. For thicker widths the guillotined finishing loses quality as the tile breaks easily.

• Due to its natural characteristics, each Rust Slate piece might present variations in appearance (color, pattern…).
• It is characteristic of Wales and green slate to undergo color changes when exposed to the weather or when treated with products.


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